80% of Americans think that the college admissions process is unfair.

We wanted to change that. 

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The goal is simple: find the right college fit through free application assistance. 

Unfortunately, over 80% of Americans currently believe that the college admissions process is unfair. We hope to change that statistic by closing the gap in admissions inequality. We prioritize you, the student, through a unique method of college consulting. 

Find A Fit For You

Our Method

1. Listen before advising 

We seek to understand the needs and desires of students through an initial consultation. We match current high-schoolers with college undergrads who have recently and successfully completed the application process 

2. Advise by informing 

Naturally, we put the student at the center of our services. We provide relevant, transparent information to the students so that they can make the best decision for themselves

3. Assist through authenticity

We provide general consulting, essay assistance, resume review, test prep and more. We feel it is paramount to our mission that the students’ work is original and that they present an authentic version of themselves

Our Students

1. Have a strong desire to attend college

The demand for college is higher than ever before. Thus, CollegeFit aims to help students who demonstrate a desire to apply, yet lack assistance in their application. The majority of our students are nominated through a third party: a teacher, friend, parent, etc. If you know someone who would benefit from our resources, fill out an interest form. If you would like to apply yourself, click here 

2. Have little to no aid in the application process

Our target students are those that suffer from unequal access to application resources. Demonstrating financial need, our students receive application guidance completely free of charge

Our Story

Creating a Social Change...

CollegeFit began as a simple idea: make finding the right college fit easier for every student. The summer after her freshman year of college, President and Founder Tara Nored applied for the Changemaker Catalyst Award at Tulane University's Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking. This grant funds initiatives related to social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Because of this grant, CollegeFit was able to start a social media campaign, create a website, and file for non-profit status. Now that the new school year has started, we have elected our 2019-2020 board! See below for our bios, and check out the Taylor Blog for more information about how this award has impacted CollegeFit and changed lives. We can't wait to see what this year brings!

Tara Nored: Founder, President

I founded CollegeFit because I benefited from the paramount influence of several teachers and counselors in my personal college application journey. However, once I came to college and began talking to my friends about their application process, I realized that my story is the exception, not the standard. Beginning to work as a tour guide for my college, I noticed that many of my peers were extremely well-versed in the admissions process, and could offer many high-school students invaluable, honest information. The mentorship system at the core of CollegeFit began to flourish, and so I applied for the Changemaker Catalyst Award at Tulane, which provided our kickstarter funding. If you'd like to know more about how CollegeFit began, I'd encourage you to check out the Taylor Center Blog, which tracks all award-recipients. 

Originally from Houston, Texas, Tara is a sophomore at Tulane University majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Development and a minor in Business Management. As the President of CollegeFit, she oversees all operations. 

Michael Chen, Treasurer: 

As Treasurer, Michael ensures that CollegeFit is following state and University policies, proposes an annual budget, oversees donations and grants, and monitors the budget throughout the year. Originally from Orange County, California, Michael is currently a junior at Tulane University studying Political Science, Social Policy and History. On the side, Michael serves on the student government, volunteers with several political campaigns, and interns at the Department of Justice

Michelle Tsang, Mentorship Chair: 

As Mentorship Chair, Michelle acts as a liaison between mentors and the general board. She regularly checks-in with all mentor and mentee pairs, facilitates the mentor matching process, and complies bi-annual mentorship status reports. Originally from Montebello, New York, Michelle is a current sophomore at Tulane University majoring in History on a Pre-med track. She also specializes in Community Service and Outreach. Apart from her studies, Michelle is a member of the Community Service Fellowship, a member of Swim for Success, and a member of the Newcomb Big/Little program.

Laura Tucker, Public Relations Chair: 

As Public Relations chair, Laura publicizes CollegeFit events, designs apparel, coordinates social media campaigns, and maintains the CollegeFit blog. Originally from Austin, Texas, Laura is a current sophomore at Tulane University majoring in Chemistry on a Pre-health track with a minor in Spanish. Outside of school, Laura is an After-school Newcomb Tutor, a tour guide for Tulane through Green Wave Ambassadors, and involved in Greek life.

Jessica Li, Secretary: 

As Secretary, Jessica keeps records of all matters related to CollegeFit, dispatches notices of meetings to all members, and records member attendance. Jessica was born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. A current sophomore at Tulane University, Jessica is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Public Health. Outside of school, Jessica also serves as the Secretary of the Asian American Student Union and plays intramural volleyball.

Tran Nguyen-Phuong, Community Outreach Chair: 

As Community Outreach Chair, Tran cultivates relationships between CollegeFit and the greater community, reaches out to high school students and potential mentors, and organizes community events. While she is originally from a small, seaside village in Vietnam, she grew up in New Orleans and is proud to call the Crescent City home. She is dedicated and driven to helping create a more just and equitable future for students to reach their fullest potential. 

A junior at Tulane University, Tran is studying Psychology and Economics with a Management minor. On campus, she is a co-President of Tulane University Vietnamese Association, a Service Learning Assistant for the Center of Public Service, a member of Tulane's Racial Awareness Council, and on the Board of Directors for Tulane's Fall 2020 New Student Orientation. 

Bailey Montgomery, Mentorship Chair: 

As Mentorship Chair, Bailey oversees all operations pertaining to our partnership colleges. Bailey runs mentorship programs, recruits new mentors at various campuses, and coordinates with other members of board to check in on individual mentor-mentee pairings. Originally from Ruston, LA, Bailey is a sophomore at Tulane University majoring in International Relations and French. She is passionate about creating equitable educational access for all students in Louisiana.


At CollegeFit, we are dedicated to serving, mentoring and representing, to the best of our ability, students from all backgrounds including but not limited to: under-resourced and under-represented students, first generation college students, students of color, students from rural areas, LGBTQIA+ students, gender nonconforming students, students with disabilities, and students of all faiths and nationalities. 


T: 210-452-2264

E: taranored@yourcollegefit.org

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