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On Saturday, February 1st, CollegeFit attended a college and career fair hosted by Catholic Charities Immigration and Refugee Services. We put our motto, “fit over figures,” into action as we engaged students from immigrant or refugee communities in a conversation about their college future.

Seven of our members conversed with a variety of high schoolers about their interests in majors such as pre-vet, pre-med, and pre-law tracks or other college aspirations. Through our own CollegeFit computer program, students took the opportunity to participate in an interactive activity, “College Selector,” to make a list of potential colleges. We also had a booth, “Ask a College Student” which allowed the high school students to ask our mentors any question about college

As a whole, our organization provided knowledgeable advice and realistic guidance to many first-generation college students about the application process today. This opportunity allowed these high schoolers to gain an accurate sense of the process and establish a foundation for them to continue on their own. 17 new students signed up to receive further mentorship through CollegeFit and many others were given a head-start as they take on a stressful time in their lives.

Eleanor Cook, a Success Coach who helped host the fair with Catholic Charities, stated that “it was incredible to meet the CollegeFit team and watch the wonderful work they are doing first hand. We had so many people mention how impactful the mentorship and program design is in their post fair feedback. Thank you again for the work you do. You are all making beautiful changes in the world.

Additionally, one student said that their favorite part of the fair was “seeing how many people truly care” about our immigrant community.”

We are more than thrilled with the success of this event, and we look forward to many more opportunities to assist our fellow New Orleans citizens on their college journey!

While high school students across the nation are submitting their college applications, the work here at CollegeFit is just getting started. On November 5th, we had our last mentor training of the semester, bringing the total number of trained mentors to a whopping twenty-six people. The mentors are absolutely wonderful and we’ve been getting some great feedback on their mentoring sessions. 

President Tara Nored trains a new cohort of mentors. After being trained, mentors will be paired with high-school students and begin working through the college application process.

CollegeFit also had their first Committee Preview Night on November 4th, where interested mentors heard about different committees through their respective board members. The committees to date are the Engagement Committee led by Management Chair Bailey Montgomery, the Outreach Committee led by Community Outreach Chair Tran Nguyen-Phuong, and the PR Committee led by Public Relations Chair Laura Tucker. Engagement focuses on voicing CollegeFit to the Tulane community, Outreach forms partnerships with local schools and other organizations, and PR manages all social media initiatives. 

During Committee Night, Mentors joined committees focused on Outreach, Engagement, or Public Relations

We are looking forward to getting input from mentors, as one of our primary goals is creating accountable avenues for mentors to share their voices with the board. One exciting event coming up is the Mentor Dinner, which will give mentors a chance to meet each other and bond as a group. Increasing campus presence is another goal of ours, and we’ve been making some great strides by speaking at Equity Thursdays, College Coffee, and TIDES classes.

We’re looking forward to expanding our outreach capabilities in New Orleans. We have partnered with ECCO, another non-profit dedicated to providing educational resources to hispanic students. Moving forward, we are hoping to partner with some local New Orleans high schools to do in-class presentations and provide promotional material to guidance counselors. 

CollegeFit partnered with ECCO to provide educational resources to hispanic youth at a local conference!

Some exciting ideas that are currently in the works include a CollegeFit podcast where high school students could hear from current undergraduates and receive college application tips. We are also working on a promotional video for CollegeFit to increase our online outreach.

CollegeFit is officially a 501(c)3 NonProfit Organization and any donations made to CollegeFit are now tax-deductible. CollegeFit was also officially recognized by Tulane University as a campus organization and we have achieved provisional status with Tulane Undergraduate Student Government. We are on track towards achieving active status in coming months. You can read about CollegeFit in an article published by the Tulane Hullabaloo, find us online at, and keep up-to-date with everything happening at CollegeFit on our instagram @yourcollegefit. Thanks for reading our mid-year updates! Stay tuned for more. 

Helping students find the right fit is what CollegeFit is all about! Therefore, we've released five Fit Tips to remember during your college search:

1- Consider all your options. Participating in a gap year program, going to trade school, applying to a specialized school for art or music are ALL great options. Don’t feel pressured to have a direction and plan for your entire life. It’s hard to know what you want to do at 18. So, keep your options open, and go easy on yourself. You are never stuck. Also, be on the lookout for an upcoming post on gap year programs.

2- Think about what makes you happy. It sounds silly, but often we get so caught up in rankings and prestige that we don’t think about finding the best possible fit. Do you value downtime and look forward to watching Netflix at the end of a long day? Consider looking at schools that offer apartment-style living, with your own room. Or, think about which schools emphasize autonomy. Do you like to get highly involved in your community? Consider a small school where involvement is encouraged! Overall, think about what brings you joy, and apply those things to your college search.

Finding a school that makes you happy is more important than finding a school with a high ranking

3- Talk to real students rather than watching YouTube. When researching schools, try to talk to actual students there, rather than scouring YouTube or College Confidential. You’ll want to have an authentic depiction of the school you’ll end up at, so ask tough questions when you’re on a tour, in an interview, or chatting with a current student.

4- Be authentic in the application. This is probably the most important tip, because colleges want to admit students who will be happy there. So, for your own sake, be yourself! Sometimes, it can be tempting to over-edit an essay. Don’t. Over-editing takes “you” out of your essay. Let a parent or friend read it, ask them if it sounds like you, check for grammar mistakes, then let it be. Don’t use big words you don’t normally use. Don’t exaggerate. Just tell a true story about yourself, and you will end up in the right place.

When writing your college applications, be authentic! Nothing is more important when it comes to finding a school that is the best fit. Don't think about "what it takes" to get in. Just be you.

5- Try not to stress. Go with your gut. There’s not a right or a wrong choice, and nothing is ever truly set in stone. The college admissions scandal broke out because people are way too obsessed about name brand schools. College does not define you. We want to help you find the right fit. After all, we believe in finding the best fit rather than striving for the best figures.

Read our blog to stay updated on college application tips, our students, and more. 

Our motto is "fit over figures."

That means we are dedicated to finding the right college fit for every student. We pair current high school students with college undergrads to offer free assistance: Common App walkthroughs, essay editing, test preparation, resume review and more. 



At CollegeFit, we are dedicated to serving, mentoring and representing, to the best of our ability, students from all backgrounds including but not limited to: under-resourced and under-represented students, first generation college students, students of color, students from rural areas, LGBTQIA+ students, gender nonconforming students, students with disabilities, and students of all faiths and nationalities. 

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