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On July 25th, the Tulane Black Student Union and other organizations (listed below) published a list of demands and expectations for Tulane University Administration in relation to furthering the community toward antiracism. CollegeFit fully supports these demands. Please read our message of support in its entirety below.

CollegeFit stands in solidarity with Tulane Black Student Union (@thebsu), Black Queer Collective (@blackqueercollective), the African American Women’s Society (@aaws_tu), the National Society for Black Engineers (@tulanensbe), the Alliance of Black Business Students (@tuabbs), and Les Griots Violets (@lesgriots_violets) in their demands and expectations for Tulane.

As an organization and nonprofit dedicated to creating equity in college admissions, CollegeFit views the demands voiced by our fellow students as paramount to our mutual missions of empowering students in higher education. We recognize that Tulane has taken steps toward antiracist policies but believe that it is crucial to continue by supporting initiatives for greater change. We urge you to read every word carefully and take action accordingly. There is more that can and should be done for Tulane to become a healthier, more equitable environment for all. We write this not out of enmity with Tulane, but because we care for our university.

It is our great hope that Tulane University will stand on the right side of history and become the standard for our peer institutions.

Napat Intarachumnum shares her experience as a transfer student from a small Liberal Arts college to Tulane University.

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to play golf in college. I started my college journey at a small Liberal Arts college as a student athlete. While I loved the small classes size and the rigorous pre-med program, I missed a sense of community and started to look for a college that offers research opportunities: a place where I can truly call home.

I considered transferring after my sophomore year, and the transferring process was quite similar to my first year application. The requirements are the following: Common Application, high school/college official transcripts, standardized test scores, and recommendation letters. For transfer students, financial aid will also be available at most schools, and the required documents are the CSS profile and FAFSA.

Transferring to Tulane was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I fell in love with the school and what the city of New Orleans has to offer. There are so many opportunities for the student body at Tulane both in and outside of the classroom. I was able to enroll in an independent study course, participate in various co-curricular activities and even try new sports. My transition to Tulane was very smooth - Tulane has a Transfer Mentor Program where transfer students are matched with a mentor who will guide them through their first few months at Tulane.

Tulane is truly my home away from home. If you are considering transferring, I would suggest doing research on your prospective schools as much possible, attending each school's transfer events, and reaching out to their current students. And if you ever have any questions about the transfer process or life as a transfer student, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Tulane Transfer website:

Tulane Financial Aid Department:

Tulane Transfer Credit Policies:

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Excellent Sheep: A strong recommendation for all mentors to read Excellent Sheep! It is applicable to your own college life and our mentees. You can purchase it here or email about getting a free copy.

So You Want to Talk About Race: A great book for antiracist education that will help you become an even better CollegeFit mentor! You can purchase it here or email about getting a free copy.

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