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Do's and Don'ts: College Applications

Do’s and Don’ts of College Applications

How to have a healthy mindset when applying

Do: Focus on Fit rather than figures

“Fit over figures” is CollegeFit’s motto for a reason. We want to help students get admitted to college, but beyond that, we want students to be happy with their choice. The admissions process is more competitive than ever, and because the pressure is so high, students tend to believe the most selective schools will be the best choice, thinking more about getting in than what life will be like once you get there. And who could blame them? Admissions is a business, and the market is built upon comparison: endless cycles of standardized tests, YouTube videos titled ‘a day in the life at Harvard,’ and skyrocketed tuition. We reject this pressure-cooker culture, and instead recommend that students look for the best fit by asking questions like…

-How far away from home am I willing to go? Do I spend a lot of time with my family now, and how much will I miss them when I go to college?

-Do I typically like to be a “small fish in a big pond” or a “big fish in a small pond”?

-Do I like small college towns or major cities?

-Etc… we provide evaluative questions like these in our initial assessment.

Don’t: Binge “Day in the Life” at college videos on YouTube

Although it may be tempting, watching other people in college won’t help you decide on a school. Everyone is different, so one person’s day at college might be very different from yours. Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other forms of social media come closer to reflecting a “dream version” of life rather than a reality.

Do: Ask questions!

Going to college is one of the biggest transitions of young adulthood, so it’s natural to feel apprehensive. Rather than binge watching college YouTube channels, we recommend sitting down face-to-face with people and asking them about their college experience. Not sure who to ask? Anyone who has applied to college! And get different perspectives; It helps form a well-rounded viewpoint.

Don’t: Try to create a false image of yourself

Your college application is not the same as a social media page. You want to highlight adversity, challenges, likes, dislikes and hard work as much as the highlights of your life. More than anything else, be genuine. Don’t over-edit. We provide more tips on how to be genuine in our mentorship program.

Do: Keep a healthy mindset

While college is a big deal, it is also only four years of life. It is not the end-all be-all, and it certainly doesn’t define you. Think of yourself as choosing between candy bars, rather than choosing a “right” or “wrong” path of life. You have many good options, probably more than you know!

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