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Engaging with NOLA: Immigration and Refugee Fair

On Saturday, February 1st, CollegeFit attended a college and career fair hosted by Catholic Charities Immigration and Refugee Services. We put our motto, “fit over figures,” into action as we engaged students from immigrant or refugee communities in a conversation about their college future.

Seven of our members conversed with a variety of high schoolers about their interests in majors such as pre-vet, pre-med, and pre-law tracks or other college aspirations. Through our own CollegeFit computer program, students took the opportunity to participate in an interactive activity, “College Selector,” to make a list of potential colleges. We also had a booth, “Ask a College Student” which allowed the high school students to ask our mentors any question about college

As a whole, our organization provided knowledgeable advice and realistic guidance to many first-generation college students about the application process today. This opportunity allowed these high schoolers to gain an accurate sense of the process and establish a foundation for them to continue on their own. 17 new students signed up to receive further mentorship through CollegeFit and many others were given a head-start as they take on a stressful time in their lives.

Eleanor Cook, a Success Coach who helped host the fair with Catholic Charities, stated that “it was incredible to meet the CollegeFit team and watch the wonderful work they are doing first hand. We had so many people mention how impactful the mentorship and program design is in their post fair feedback. Thank you again for the work you do. You are all making beautiful changes in the world.

Additionally, one student said that their favorite part of the fair was “seeing how many people truly care” about our immigrant community.”

We are more than thrilled with the success of this event, and we look forward to many more opportunities to assist our fellow New Orleans citizens on their college journey!

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