• Tara Nored

Making Change, thanks to the Changemaker Grant

Thanks to the Changemaker Catalyst Award at Tulane University, CollegeFit was able to transform from a conception to a reality. This generous grant allowed us to take CollegeFit to the next level... we created this website, a business platform, social media accounts, a marketing campaign, a newsletter, and more. The Changemaker Award is funded by the Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking at Tulane.

Pictured above is the Taylor Center logo. I had the opportunity to take a class at the Taylor Center last Spring (Intro to Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship). This class, along with a few well-timed conversations with some friends, originally sparked my idea for CollegeFit. As you can see from the "about" page of this website, CollegeFit is all about equaling the playing field of the "college admissions game." Specifically, we want to address the following two discrepancies:

1. Students today do not have equal resources. Kids that attend private school meet with counselors on a monthly or weekly basis in order to prepare for college admissions. Other students may pay for private tutors or expensive essay editors. This reality makes the application process even more daunting for students who cannot afford these resources.

2. Today, students are not being encouraged to find the right fit. This statement may sound crazy coming from a college admissions organization, but not everyone should (or wants!) to attend college. You can live a very fulfilling life without getting a Harvard degree. And yet, the comptativness of the college market today tells every rising high school senior otherwise. That is why we are dedicated to finding the right fit for every student, rather than finding the school with the best figures. #fitoverfigures

In short, we are so excited to start this organization. Even if we help just one student, the hard work is worth it. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow our social media accounts, and be on the lookout for more blog posts! Thanks!

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